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Learn to cook Moroccan

To understand the gastronomy of a country better, it is important to discover the taste of the local cuisine.

Our Chef or Cook will support and help you on your way in our dedicated cooking class kitchen suitable for up to 8 people.

At Dar DB, we offer a holistic approach to give you an amazing culinary experience.

In our cooking class you can choose to have half day class or extend it to include an overnight stay at our panoramic venue. 

Firstly; the welcome tea, where you will discover the secret of how to prepare Moroccan Mint Tea.

You will then learn about the herbs and spices that are used in the Moroccan kitchen and take a tour of the organic garden where herbs are grown as well as vegetables and fruits.

If time permits, you will go to the local market to choose and buy the ingredients for the dishes you will be preparing.

You will then learn to cook traditional Moroccan dishes;  perhaps a tasty tagine cooked on a charcoal mejmer or a delicious couscous, various salads... and of course you will sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labour on our terrace looking out on the valley below.

Let us know if you would like a half day with lunch or the full day with an overnight stay and breakfast.

Bread making can also be included.

The course can be translated in German, French and English.

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