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Trek 1 -Taourirte: 2 hours duration
Starting from Le DOUAR BERBERE explore the beauteful view and the cave. Then return to Maison d'hôte through fields of firs.
Trek 2 - Timalizen:2 hours duration
Walking ost to the Village of Talat Mimoune and then to Tamzenderte Village.Continue to the river and return to the Kasbah.
Trek 3- National Park: 3/4 hours duration
A medium level of walk. You will go through Taourirte or Agadir Ntizi Villages and then into the National Park throughhills and valleys.
Trek 4 -Takaterte:4/5 hours duration
This incorporates Trek 1 (2 hours)where you explore the Traditional Salt Productions at Taourirte. You will also visit the Bio Aromatic Gardenscalled Nectarome at Douar El Haddad and to theSafran Garden "Le Paradis du Safran".
Trek 5 - Monday Market: 5 hours duration
This Trek incorporates Trek 4. You will also explore the local Berber Market ofTnine. It is a weekly Monday market.
Trek 6 - Berber Museum & Pottery: 5 hours duration
Enjoy a nice walk to Tafza Village situated on the other side of the river. Visit the local Pottery and the Berber Museum (20 dh/person Entrance).
Trek 7 National Park & Tagadirte Village: 5 hours duration
Mediumlevel of walk.Eastof the National Parkto Tagadirte village where you will have tea ceremony at a Berber House and experience Berber Culture. Returning to the Kasbah via the Taourirte Salt Mines.
Trek 8 - Exploring Villages & The National Park: About 7 hours duration
High level of walk. Explore the several villages and their local way of life before entering into the National Park where you will discover the different types of trees, plantsand wildlife.

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