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About us

Mostafa Faik

My name is Mostafa Faik, Swiss-Moroccan. I was born 60 years ago in Morocco and for the last 40 years I am living in Switzerland.

After finishing the hotel-school I worked in many different hotels and restaurants in Morocco and Europe.  In this wonderful time I have collected a lot of valuable experience and always made use of my studies.

In Switzerland I found my second home, with much joy I hosted a lot of guests in my own restaurant there.

I am married to a Swiss woman and we have a grown up daughter.

For a long time we were looking for a place in Morocco, where the dream of our ecological tourism project could come true and in 2015 we found it; our 'mountain' near Marrakesh, with a unique location of the "Berber Village“ and it’s beautiful outlook.  

The small number of rooms, each with an individual character, assured exclusivity, rest and relaxation are part of our vision. This has led us to the site where we realised our dream with an ecological hotel only available for our private guests and solely to accommodate adults.

We offer our visitors their very own special paradise. Those who celebrate with us will experience unforgettable moments.

The existing suites and rooms, restaurant and pool are completely renovated so that our guests can feel well all round.

After drilling we have encountered water more than a hundred meters deep ensuring our water supply. The required power, for example; for refrigerators, is produced by our own solar system. Incidentally, solar lamps and candles create a romantic lighting. We endeavour to make our hotel as ecological as possible and continue to look for ways to incorporate ways to do this.


The five hectare large plot offers enough space around to the hotel for a small farm with an organic vegetable garden, fruit and olive trees, extensive herbs plots amongst terraced fields abundant in wild flowers and we also keep chickens which produce farm fresh eggs.

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